Monday, June 4, 2012


As we've been seeing lately, many devices can operate via bluetooth.  The most obvious is the past-trend headset for your cell phone.  Cell phones have also been able to connect to devices like your car through bluetooth technology.  Lately, there has also been the introduction of bluetooth keyboards and computer mice. 

What is lacking is a bluetooth screen.  I was looking into making my cell phone into my primary computer, and found that the majority of what I'd need is already installed on the computer (excluding things like Diablo 3).  My cell phone can already connect to mice and keyboards, but needs to be plugged in to get the most out of my high definition output.  After a cursory glance, I couldn't find any monitors that were bluetooth compatible.  

I know we can never get computers and other electronics completely cordless.  The difficulty off replacing batteries would make it unattractive for the majority, and impractical for the small minority that would adopt it.  But some equipment today, such as your computer and monitor, require two cables - one for power, the other for communication.  I argue that we should be able to get away from needing a communication cable anymore, especially for home use.  And shouldn't television companies be getting in on this too?  LG has, but not enough - their TV supports some connectivity, but not full-monitor display.  :(

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